My Name is Johnathan Lyman. I'm a Seattle, WA-based photographer that likes two things: enjoying nature and hoon-tastic rides. 

Welcome to my Portfolio site. Here's where I take the time to showcase both!



Surf and Sand, Majestic Mountains, and everything in between. Nature provides us with more to look at than we could ever fully appreciate.


Fast. Faster. Fastest. Stupid. If it has wheels and looks slick, you bet I'll want to create a photo of it. No brand preference here, just hoon-tastic envy.

Nature Never Has a Bad Day.


It's hard to find something wrong with nature's creations. Mountains are made of millions of tons of rock being forced upward against the pull of gravity. No two beaches are exactly alike. Every sunset is a new painting in the sky.


Four-wheeled masterpeices.


I didn't start using the word "hoon" until I started photographing awesome cars. After that, came "hoon-tastic." From then on, it was history.